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What do you know about microphones and amplifiers?


OK, maybe not exactly nothing. I know what works for me with my somewhat unorthodox requirements, but if you want in-depth information on this topic, particularly with regards to Chicago-style amplified blues harp, instead of asking my opinion you'd be better off checking out these fine sites:

Mr Microphone
The JT30 Page
Harp On! Harmonica Amplified
Using low-power tube amps for blues harp

For those of you who are curious about my own preferred microphones, for an instant blues sound I use a stock Shure Green Bullet plugged into an old Guyatone tube amp. For most other applications I either use my Leon Wortman Finger Mike (no longer made, this is a small condenser mic basically similar to a Microvox) or my recent favorite, the Audix Fireball V. To read a brief review I wrote of the Fireball V for "Harmonica World" magazine click here.

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