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The ding tac ta is a popular instrument among the Ede of the Vietnamese Highlands, similar in many respects to the ala. It consists of a bamboo pipe of about 50cm in length, with a free reed set into the wall of the pipe. The reed is made from bamboo, but it is a heteroglottal reed - ie. it is cut from a seperate piece of bamboo, then inserted into a closely fitting slot in the side of the pipe:

The pipe is then inserted into a dried gourd to form a windchest around the reed, the gourd being sealed into place with wax and the neck of the gourd serving as a mouthpiece. The thumb or index finger of the right hand is used to open and close the short end of the pipe provide ornaments and vibrato; the thumb and first two fingers of the left hand are used to open and close the three finger holes.

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