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German Patent 853853

Issued to the Hohner company in 1952 and naming Walter Hohner as the inventor, this patent covers the harmonica marketed under the name Chromonica Deluxe. Most famous for its appearance on a Toots Thielemans LP cover (see FFAQ13), this was a sleek, modern-looking instrument whose key feature was that the slide was operated by pushing the rounded metalwork at the right end of the comb:

The external appearance of the instrument was covered by US Design Patent 166750, issued that same year to Walter Hohner:

The idea of a harmonica with a concealed button to operate the slide was not completely new. German Patent 747232 issued to the Hohner company in 1944, with Heinrich Holfeld and August Jesinger credited with the invention, covered a somewhat differently styled harmonica with a similar slide mechanism:

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